17-Sep-2021 | Market Research Store

The PLOS have recently underlined their research attempts that have helped the research team model a strategic approach using smartphone based data that involve capturing people’s movement in real-time for designing a closed loop data. The current system is aimed at associating accelerated development for structuring well designed optimal lockdown policies. The current iteration of the study associates the lockdown measures effectiveness that they carry for reducing the spread of COVID-19. However, the team iterates that the lockdown measures come at a high economic cost, and in practice, less than half of the population are prone to following the imposed restrictions and rules at an optimal pace.

In order to formulate a strategy, the research team categorized new mathematical models that simulate the spread of COVID-19 and is generally focused on the regions such as Europe and France using a statistical approach known as approximate Bayesian computation. The dataset the research team scrapped incorporated both public health data and data that is pertained on changes of people’s movement that is captured by Google’s OS via Android devices. This mobility data served as the pedestal of the root of the basic hypothesis that the team assumed during the duration of the pandemic.

The research team further goes onto demonstrate their applicational basis of their models that could be applied forcreating optimal lockdown strategies for the latter regions using a mathematical approach known as optimal control. The model predicts that it is possible to create effective lockdown measures that allow for partial opening of workplaces and school while regarding both public and socioeconomic costs. The model has the capability to change its dynamics in real-time and adapt to the changing situation. The team quotes that the current iteration of the model open the door to a larger integration of epidemiological models and real-world data through the integration of supercomputers which gives rise to rapidly formulated policies for the governments to construct.

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