Green Tableware Is The New Alternative For Plastic Containers

Green Tableware Is The New Alternative For Plastic Containers

Published: 04-Dec-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Sugarcane and bamboo could now be used to make green tableware with high functionality and convenience that makes it the best alternative to plastic cups and other disposable plastic containers. Generally, the traditional plastic or biodegradable polymers are found to need high temperature to undergo degradation. However, the new material is found to be non-toxic, eco-friendly that requires only 60 Days to degrade. This clean and rapid method potentially can help keep the environment clean. The researchers have published an article on plastic alternative in the journal Matter.According to research lead Hongli (Julie) Zhu of Northeastern University, the one-time use plastic containers are preferred to make life easier and safer by reducing waste.

The sustainable materials made from food-industry waste products like sugarcane pulp helped develop a mechanically strong, stable, and biodegradable. The recycled material may not be completely de-inked but is likely to decompose in the soil within 30­45 Days and also will start de-shaping after 60 Days. The researchers are basically trying to make food containers that are safe for food as they may be either hot or cold. In addition, the researchers added an eco-friendly chemical named alkyl ketene dimer (AKD) in order to enhance the oil and water resistance of the green tableware for better sturdiness when wet.

The new development is far stronger than the commercial biodegradable food containers, such as other bagasse-based tableware and egg cartons. The emission of CO2 that is the carbon footprint is less and so is the cost. The use of sustainable materials is likely to encourage people to use one-time containers.

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