Honeybee Venom Might Cure Aggressive Forms Of Breast Cancer

Honeybee Venom Might Cure Aggressive Forms Of Breast Cancer

Published: 16-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Honey is the most commonly used food product that is obtained from honeybees. However, the researchers have been able to find propolis and venom of the Apis mellifera honeybees also to be useful for various medicinal purposes. Recently, the scientists have found honeybee venom and its active substance melittin to have a positive effect against various tumors, such as pancreatic, lung, ovarian, and melanoma cancer. This active ingredient is found to create the painful sensation on being stung by the bees. Scientists are yet to understand the way the venom attacks the cancer cells. The venom has a constructive effect on two of the most deadly and aggressive types of breast cancers.

Breast cancer is found to be affecting thousands of women across the globe and the most aggressive types known to affect include triple-negative breast cancer and HER2-enriched breast cancer. These cancers have been found to develop resistance to the treatments in the long run. However, the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and the University of Western Australia researchers have found cancer cells to be killed by melittin and honeybee venom without affecting the adjacent normal cells. This potent venom was found to possess the ability to kill cancer cells within 60 Minutes. This killing is performed by punching holes in the membranes of the cancer cells and also disrupting the exchange of chemical messages needed to divide and grow.

The shutting down of signaling pathway in the cancer cells by honeybee venom and melittin helped control breast cancer from spreading. The suppressing of deadly breast cancer cells using honeybee venom component has set a new promising example to treat human diseases. The scientists found the combination of low doses of chemotherapy drugs and honeybee venom to help be more effective against cancer cells. Moreover the cheap and easily obtainable honeybee venom could prove a good option in the poorly resourced health service countries.

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