30-Nov-2020 | Market Research Store

Controlling the breathing pattern in majority of the mammalian  processes can help in metabolic regulation, energy production, and even speech. Researchers have recently found the production of hydrogen sulfide in the body is important to create a normal breathing pattern that in turn can potential lead to new treatments for people having breathing disorders such as central sleep apnea.However, it has been found that exposure to extreme levels of hydrogen sulfide is very harmful to mammalian health. The researchers have found an enzyme cystathionine-beta-synthase (CBS) to produce hydrogen sulfide in small quantities and hydrogen sulfide is believed to act as a bioactive gas that controls various bodily functions.

According to the researchers from the University of Tsukuba CBS located in the brain and in peripheral systems including veins,arteries, and kidneys majorly produce hydrogen sulfide that act as bioactive gas in the body. The inhibition of the production of this compound was found to bring about a change in the breathing patterns that is from normal it became more of a gasping pattern.From this, the scientistsconfirmed that the production of hydrogen sulfide permits the regions of the brain controlling breathing patterns to workroutinely. In case of breathing, all the cells located in the body is required in order to sense the internal levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen to pass on the information to specific regions in the brain that manage the breathing pattern or rate.The researchers are now investigating the effect of hydrogen sulfide on the different areas of the body. Thus, the use of different compounds to block the production of it in the peripheral cells or the brain is what the team is currently working on.

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