iOS 13.5 and iPaDOS 13.5 Released by Apple Includes Features Relevant with COVID-19

iOS 13.5 and iPaDOS 13.5 Released by Apple Includes Features Relevant with COVID-19

Published: 26-May-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Apple released its iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 that includes features that are appropriate for post-COVID-19 situations. The key feature being the unlock process using the face id that will be used by the devices. After the pandemic has hit, it has become compulsory to wear face masks thus there were chances of face id feature for the unlocking process to create hindrance.

The new system is updated such that it automatically reveals the passcode field when it find out that you are wearing face mask. In this case you just have to enter the passcode and the bypass Face ID to unlock the device features.

The other feature that has been introduced is Exposure Notification API, which supports the COVID-19 contact tracing applications from the public health officials. In collaboration with Google this new feature was introduced; Google has also released this feature. This application is an API that will enable the users to build apps that can have control on this feature.

This is an optional feature for the applications that clearly use the API. But the point is that not all contact tracing apps support this API thus they won’t gain the advantage of Google and Apple’s privacy and security features.

Apple has changed the automatic prominence feature for video tiles which works during the Group FaceTime call. Right now, during the Group FaceTime call, the person who is speaking has enlarged video title, which now can be disabled keeping all the titles of the same size.

The additional feature that has been updated is now the user can update his health and essential information using the Medical ID and sharing it with the emergency services.

The update incorporates some bug fixes, such as black screen during the streaming video from some of the websites and share sheet suggestions and actions not loading.

13.5 can be downloaded to all the compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models.

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