17-Feb-2022 | Market Research Store

Recently, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) publicized the establishment of the Korea Electric Power Corp Committee for carbon neutrality to clarify directions with key strategies as well as policy initiatives aimed to achieve a reduction in carbon emission.

Korea Electric Power Corporation, also recognized as Hanjeon or KEPCO, is South Korea's biggest electric generator, working for energy production, distribution, and transmission as well as the expansion of electric power installations such as wind power, nuclear power, and coal.

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The Korea Electric Power Corp Carbon Neutrality Promotion Committee is the greatest direct contemplation body for carbon emission reduction advancement. The panel deliberates on strategic priorities and key policies to achieve decarbonization, as it is responsible for 37 percent of overall domestic emissions of greenhouse gases.

Furthermore, the panel agreed to find the best way to carbon emissions reduction through collaboration with external and internal experts and stakeholders.

The group is led by Korea Electric Power Corp President Chung Seung-il and is made up of a diverse variety of abilities, such as former KEPCO executives, representatives of the union, young generation employees, as well as outside experts.

The review panel established the "Electric Power Group Carbon Neutral Council" and made the decision to advertise a carbon-neutral combined project in order to guide the transition to low carbon emission in the electricity generation industry.

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Simultaneously, it aims to set up the "KEPCO Carbon Neutral Advisory Group," which will comprise of 6 external professionals in every field, like hydrogen & renewable energy, technology & science, global cooperation, and energy policy to provide a goal and professional point of view in the implementation of carbon neutrality process.

The "MZ Net-Zero Board," comprised of 30 in-house MZ generation members, it was established to represent the opinions of MZ age group which can also direct the future carbon-neutral period.