15-Jul-2015 | Market Research Store

The Oculus held the press conference in an advance of the next week massive E3 even. For a most partner, the awkward 1 hour stage indicate discussing minute details which differentiate a final hardware from a prototype.

But a most interesting news is coming out of the event by long is a fact which Oculus decided to partner with the MS. A 1st segment of a press conference is mostly spent making the promises of how comfortable a VR helmet. It is incredibly lightweight and all will wear this like the baseball cap. This is understandable that the comfort and also design a large point of a pride, but a presentation is more than the small off putting.

A new Oculus Rift hardware can be available for the industry folks to try a 1dt hand and next week.A final hardware can feature the dial for a fine tuning a spacing of an OLED screen and it comes with the detachable earphones and it offers the best compatibility for the people with the glasses. This is smart usability improvement or development, but this announcement is great suited for the press release.

It is not as a major on stage selling points. But sadly, a headset needs the external motion tracker to work very properly. To keep a tracking accurate as well as lag free, you will require to place the slender device on the desk. Aldo you will need the controller to play a large majority of the games, so the Oculus partnered with the MS to deliver the wireless Xbox one controller alongside an Oculus Rift.

The MS Phil Spencer is getting up on a stage detailly to discuss a partnership and also he went so long as to declare that you will be able to stream the Xbox One games to an Oculus Rift. During the sounds like the large deal at a first, this seems to be small greater than the displaying the regular two dimensional image without the meaningful VR functionality. And unless the MS plans for the unveiling perfect VR game support next week, it is unexciting from a top to bottom.

In the bizarre turn, the Plamer Lucky got up on the stage at an end of an event and also showed off the new controller prototype dubbed that is Oculus Touch. Lucky does not truly get to any nitty gritty and unclear if a Touch can be available when a Rift launches an early next year.