Laser-Induced Graphene Mask Could Help Kill Coronavirus

Laser-Induced Graphene Mask Could Help Kill Coronavirus

Published: 16-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Coronavirus pandemic has brought hype in the trend of wearing masks as it is considered to be an important tool to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. But, the basic concern over the use of mask is its disposal or improper use that is likely to lead to secondary transmission of the disease. The researchers from City University of Hong Kong (CityU) have developed graphene masks with almost 80% anti-bacterial efficiency which can also be enhanced to 100% on exposure to sunlight for about 10 Minutes. The masks also showed positive results against the deactivation of coronavirus. Interestingly, these masks are cost-effective as they require no much of raw materials and are biodegradable as well.

The new mask can help solve the issue of surgical masks being antibacterial. Furthermore, the use of melt-blown fabrics as bacterial filter is non-environmental-friendly due to difficulty in decomposing. Thus, the scientists have long being looking for a suitable alternative material to make masks. The laser-induced graphene seems to have inspired the researchers to write on carbon-integrated polyimide films with the help of CO2 infrared laser system to develop 3D porous graphene. The change in structure by the laser helps form graphene. The antibacterial property of graphene is the key reason behind its use in mask.

Graphene is able to kill bacteria using its sharp edge that damage the cell membranes of the bacteria causing dehydration and ultimately killing the bacteria. Additionally, the photothermal effect of graphene was also found to help kill coronavirus by activation of the graphene mask under the sunlight. The researchers hope to enhance the antibacterial efficiency and at the same time make reusable masks. The green technique is believed to help generate an optimal mask structure immediately after obtaining the certifications. The graphene masks are soon expected to hit the markets with properties better than the surgical masks.

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