Latest Discovery Could Pave Way For Effective Hepatitis C Virus Treatment

Latest Discovery Could Pave Way For Effective Hepatitis C Virus Treatment

Published: 02-Dec-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)researchershave discovered theimportant role of a cellular protein in the Hepatitis C virus infection, thus making way for a more effective and accurate treatment. Till date no vaccine has been developedfor Hepatitis C virus infection. It has been found to affect more than 130 Million people across the globe and almost 250,000 Canadians. Even though antivirals exist they are costly and not easily available in emergingnations, where the disease is most predominant.

According to Professor Terence Ndonyi Bukong and his colleagues along with Professor Patrick Labonté, they have developed the latest therapeutic target named RTN3. This cellular protein basically is involved in facilitating an important pathway much needed in Hepatitis C virus disease development and progression. Furthermore, this new finding is anticipated to open new door for development of treatments for the disease that causes approximately 500,000 deaths annually. Generally, a virus needs to be detected by the immune system to be prevented but in case of the Hepatitis C virus, it is a master of disguise. The virus moves in the exosomes, which are microvesicles released by the cells for cellular communication,transport, and cellular waste disposal.

The latest in-depth study thus revealed the Hepatitis C viruses to have a close interaction with the RTN3 protein, which is used to insert the viral RNA into exosomes. It is for the first time that the role of this protein in exosomes in hepatitis C pathogenesis is being explored. The researchers hope that identifying the areas of the protein leading to the formation of an infectious exosomes can help find different molecules that can block such interactions with the viral RNA. The disguising feature of the virus can thus be prevented and more effective treatments & vaccines could be developed.

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