15-Jul-2015 | Market Research Store

Microsoft has recently introduced Windows 10 and it will be available from July 29, 2015. The professional team officially announces the information on their site.   For the person's welfare, the new operating system created by new technology, and it is the amazing option for the PC   users.

 The manufacturers introduce many new as well as attractive features of the Windows 10.The Microsoft also announced the shocking information that is the Windows 10 would be available free upgrade, it will be a help for the user. To use the window 10 people need to get the official license, for this you no need to pre-install the software. Windows 10 only free for 1 to 2years, so you may consider buying the Windows 10. It is the ideal way to get many amazing benefits.

The user also experts more options in the windows 10, normally they are having excitement about the windows 10. In addition, they believe that the windows 10 have capabilities to overcome all the drawbacks of the Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.1. Windows 10 functions enhances with the latest technology, it will supports for the free upgrade.  In general the free upgrade is not includes to the user of Windows XP. To reduce these issues the manufacturers improve the qualities of windows 10.

With this, the user can able to get ideas about whether they are eligible or not for the free Windows 10. The eligible user should follow the below mentioned tips. First of all you need to reserve the copy of Windows 10, all the notifications available to overcome all the complexities. Then the user needs to click the icon at the same time they need to pop up window,  this will help to explain and demonstrate  the scheme,  it helps to get ideas about the working as well as key factors about the OS.

Other suggested using the pop up window, it will help to reserve the free upgrade, and if you choose it and you will able to download the operating system without any complications. To get the reserve copy user need to share their email address, this helps to update the email ID. If you install it, you have chances to use the Windows 10 freely. Usually the user of the Windows RT 8.1 as well as RT does not have chances to use the window 10. The window 10 will be available to download from July 29, 2015.