17-Sep-2021 | Market Research Store

The Cell Press recently conducted an analytical overview of setting up a clean US hydrogen based economy to formulate a clean electrical grid in order tocreate reduced carbon based emissions free from industrial heat, long-haul heavy transportation devices, and long-duration based energy storage. Hydrogen based fuel sources and its derivates are expected to be a cleaner form of H2 driven economy as per the research study laid out in a 10 year-old comprehensive plan. The study also explains a carefully structured plan for the future H2 infrastructure that includes all steps of the plan such as production, transport, storage, use, and economic viability.

The research team lays out the plan in order to create a truly sustainable economy revolving the H2 based fuel source around the United States of America. The team quotes that they are in compliance with the recently launched Hydrogen Earthshot Program that aims to produce greenhouse gas-free H2 production at 1$/kg before the end of the proposed decade. The team further states that similarly aimed R&D program with the same goal of techno-economic stretch are required for H2 storage, use, and transport. The team quotes that more than 70 metric tons of H2 are produced across the world each year with the United States contributing about one-seventh of the global output.

Much of the H2 is used for producing fertilizers and petrochemicals and nearly all of the produced output is considered to be a form of gray H2 which only costs about $1 per kilogram but comes with a rough output of 10 kilograms of CO2 baggage per produced kilogram H2. The current analysis of the findings of the study include recently added costs of about 50% more than the gray H2 which does not include the cost of developing pipelines and sequestration systems that are required for transporting and storing the unwanted and excessive CO2.

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