17-Sep-2021 | Market Research Store

The UT Southwestern Medical Center conducted a research study which focused on an effective system that can safely deliver patient care during the ongoing pandemic that leads to an increased patient care points for patients suffering from additional injuries such as plastic surgeries. The team quotes the expanded telehealth services that are being expanded during the advent of the pandemic in order to occupy the surging list of patients. The study further goes onto outline the unexpected benefits of telehealth measures that are expanded during the pandemic and even provides valuable insights as to what the relating causations of the latter service after the pandemic has passed.

The team notes that it was extremely unclear whether telehealth measures are capable of meeting the standards of highly intensive care for specialized clinical practices outside of the pandemic scope. However, as the pandemic surged the whole health sector has to reconvene their sources and put together a manageable response to the pandemic and were often times forced to innovate. The team who led this research study was already equipped with the required telehealth technology to conduct their parameter based study even before the pandemic hit in order to obtain realistic and valid analysis.

The team note that the conversion rate for integrating telehealth service providers is incredibly high when it comes to in-person care as the study underlines that 25,197 out of 34,706 telehealth appointments across the country of the United States were completed in their entirety.This denotes a completion rate of around 72.6 when compared to last year’s rate of 65.8%. The study further goes on to quote increase flow of new patients in integrating  telehealth services as their primary service provider as the UTSW saw a rapid increase in admitting patients range from0.77% in February to 14.2% and 16.7% in March and April, respectively.

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