Lego-Like Brick Structure Can Help Kill Cancer Cells

Lego-Like Brick Structure Can Help Kill Cancer Cells

Published: 16-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Cancer is one of the deadly diseases that are taking over millions of lives across the globe. This disease is often treated with chemotherapy but it is known to have a number of side effects on the other organs and health. As per the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, cancer treatment requires a rapid and effective solution as soon as possible. The research team from the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research has tried a completely new approach by targeted and confined disruption of the cancer cells' structure to stimulate their self-destruction mechanism. The study over controlling the constant multiplication of cells leading to tumor formation is what the researchers are focusing on.

In chemotherapy, the drugs are found to inhibit the growth of the cancer cells by interfering with their biochemical processes such that they slowly die. This therapy is found to completely stress the body, causes endless side effects and also the cancer cells develop resistance to it over time. Currently, the researchers plan to attack the structure of the cancerous cells rather than interfering with its biochemical processes. The scientists built a type of molecular Lego brick that can penetrate both normal and cancer cells through a unique attachment.

The scientists have synthetically produced a type of molecular Lego brick for this purpose, and these bricks travel into both normal and cancer cells via a special attachment. The Lego brick is ineffective when alone and thus, the acidic and highly reactive oxidative molecules within the cancer cells helps set a series of chemical reactions. The Lego bricks connect to form a web-like network that grows inside the cancer cells such that it deforms the cells completely. Owing to the extreme physical stress in the interiors, the cancer cells activate its self-destruction mechanism. There is still more investigation required on the precision of deformation and biodegradation of cancer cells.

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