02-Dec-2020 | Market Research Store

A new development that is a liquid nanofoam liner is currently in the testing phase as it is believed to increase the safety of football helmets. The researchers from Michigan State University have found that the helmets tend to face impacts grave enough to lead to concussion. Currently, the helmets being produced have their safety compromised in terms of looks. According to lead researcher Weiyi Lu, the liquid nanofoam material could enhance the safety of helmets owing to its tiny nanopores.There are almost 200 nanometer sized nanopores that cover the entire surface area. The Spartan Stadium could be folded into 1 Gm of nanofoam and this hard material could have the pores filled with liquid. Thus, team covered the holes with hydrophobic silicone layers made using silyl chain that inhibit liquid from seeping into the material.

During an impact, the saltwater present in the nanofoammaterial solidifies when it receives a blow or impact. In case of an impact, the pressure reaches a safety threshold wherein the ions & water start entering the pores and thereby make the material solid such that it protects an individual’s head from injury. The pliability of the liquid-like material gives it’s a deforming property, thereby enhancing its use to fit an individual’s head shape.

The liquid nanoform’s recovering capability during the impact without causing any damage helps it outperform the generally used solid foam. Moreover, the liquid nanoforms multiple high-impact forces withstanding capability reduces the need for a replacement until the shell of the helmet is damaged. The future football team awaits a liquid nanofoam linerin MSU football helmets. There are hopes that they can be used in military helmets, protect buildings, automobile air bags, and bumpers as well.

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