19-Jan-2021 | Market Research Store

A team had found a rare structure formation outside MoMA PS1 in the summer of 2014. This structure resembled an igloo but later it formed into huge towers. This structure named Hy-Fi, was designed and created by The Living which is an architectural design studio in New York. The researchers used around 10,000 bricks made from agricultural waste and mycelium. Such a biodegradable and sustainable product was found mold into a very solid mass. It is thus surprising that mushroom could be used to create an architectural project. The use of fungus in building bricks has forced the researchers to look for other fungi that can help make stronger bricks.

The latest project named “FUNGAR” focuses on exploring how mushrooms can help create new buildings. This breakthrough is a great relief as the construction sites are found to release 39% of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions in which 21% is released during the making of the concrete and steel. The use of natural resources in construction just like sand in the concrete is not only a sustainable step but it also helps maintain the roughness, durability, and strength of the concrete. With each passing year, the global warming, lack of fossil fuels, and other troubles are set to affect the next generation of people. As per the math calculation, the need for construction is staggering.

Thus, here is where Mycologist Professor Han Wosten from Utrecht University found fungi to be a suitable candidate for the making of bricks as they are not consumers of CO2 instead they release it when digesting their food. As the fungi act as the organic waste streams either by composting or burning. They also have the capacity to fix some of the waste and carbon inside them. Thus, the fungi bricks are definitely going to be a climate win compared to the concrete, steel, and bricks. The combination of agricultural waste such as straw and the roots of fungi, mycelium, forms a material with a different mechanical property, sound-dampening, change patterns based on electrical activity, and self-healing functions that makes fungus a candidate for building of houses.

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