Locatory.com Plans To Invest USD 10 Million In The Leasing Of Engines Stands

Locatory.com Plans To Invest USD 10 Million In The Leasing Of Engines Stands

Published: 20-Feb-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Aviation IT company Locatory.com, which primarily acts as an aircraft component locator, part of Avia Solutions Group, has announced its investment in a new business. The company is expanding its range of offers not only with IT technologies but also with real physical additions which would boost the work for MROs and airlines.

The company is spreading its portfolio of services and has begun the leasing of global aircraft engine stands. It is planned that Locatory.com will invest more than 10 million USD in the next five years.

The company partnered with AGSE in fabricating their stand. They will begin their service by offering two options-engine stands CFM56A / B and CFM56-7. For a chosen time, Locatory.com can offer a high-quality machinery lease so consumers around the globe can conduct servicing operations in a productive manner. Moreover, the company will offer shipping services for all leasing orders worldwide.

The rental program will be a simple process and will act as an alternative to buying these facilities. The user will be able to make an application, and the workers at Locatory must reach out directly and ask where and when the stands are to be shipped, accompanied by simple negotiation of agreements.

The recent developments in engine stands industry are expected to drive the global engine stands market running into billions as stated in a recent report published by Market Research Store.