15-Jul-2015 | Market Research Store

Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter has been facing a lot of issues, especially in engaging the users to the optimal level. This is one of the major reasons for twitter to have less number of active users when compared to major social media sites like facebook and instagram. In fact, Dick Costolo has taken various measures to provide the users with enhanced gratification. But, everything ends up in disappointment.  Even, several investors have been facing a wide range of problems and so, they determined to find a solution to put an end to all these complications.

With the intention of gratifying the needs of the users and to facilitate the investors, Dick Costolo in association with twitter management team decided to incorporate various interesting factors to twitter profile to engage the users. The entire team has been thinking to develop innovative and unique principles to obtain the best position in the social media industry.

First of all, the whole team worked together to determine the drawbacks of twitter. They have encountered that Twitter failed to deliver clear messages to its worldwide users, which was the main factor for them to avoid using this social media platform. The second reason is that twitter failed to support third party apps. Then there is also limitation in the characters for sending messages, which made users to find an alternative choice such as facebook, etc. The clarity of twitter profile is also not to the optimal level. After understanding the drawbacks of Twitter, Dick Costolo and the management team decided to redesign the website completely.

Everyone in the management team has been striving as lot to come up with an effective solution not only to engage the users but also to take their business to the next level. Dick Costolo created a new platform for getting successful positions in the marketing industry by thinking and working differently.

However, there was a buzz in the industry that Twitter’s new redesign looks something like Facebook’s design. Gartner Analyst, Brian Blau says that while it is true that new profile design of twitter, right from cover photo to photo-centric timeline, looks like facebook, it is definitely a good business move. It is believed that the new design of twitter could be the most important step towards fixing fire-hose problem of twitter. Though twitter has unveiled its new profile redesign, it will be rolled out to the users only in the coming week. It is highly expected that new design will be appealing to the new users sans jeopardizing the existing base.