Malarial Drugs Suggestively Can Enhance Cognitive Skills In Children

Malarial Drugs Suggestively Can Enhance Cognitive Skills In Children

Published: 30-Oct-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Researchers fromUniversity of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) have found a disease control measure to help children improve their development. The increasing risks of life-threatening malaria infections the team confirmed the antimalarial treatments to help reduce the chances of malarial infections in schoolchildren. The current study published in The Lancet Global Health explains theantimalarial drugs 15% decline in the cases of anemia among schoolchildren and their role in improving the learning ability. This is the first time the researchers have found antimalarial drugs to have such potential effects among children. Across the world there are 400,000 dying from the disease every year as per the WHO’s recommendation but the medication for schoolchildren have not yet been found even though pregnant women are provided with intermittent preventive treatment.

The mosquitoes infected with parasite causes malaria that cause headache,fevers, chills, and anemia by destroying red blood cells. The disease is prevalent in Africa, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. It has been found that anemia leads to severe headaches,fatigue, deferred development, and poor performance in school. This disease also causes can organ failure and also could lead to fatality. The ignorance toward malaria in schoolchildren has shown a dramatic impairment in the development which later leads to cognitive problems that make it difficult for children to concentrate or learn in school.

Moreover, the transmission of the disease is major contribution of the children and thus treating them can help reduce the disease spread rate. The use of antimalarial medications in schoolchildren can help improve their health and wellness. The malaria preventives were found to improve the cognitive skills in children despite offering small side effects. The research-based interventions to treat malaria in children can help improve their health and wellness.

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