Mayo’s Web-Based Analytics Helps Predict And Respond To COVID-19 Hotspots

Mayo’s Web-Based Analytics Helps Predict And Respond To COVID-19 Hotspots

Published: 28-Oct-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

To predict the spread of infectious disease, the researchers from Mayo Clinic have developed a web-based analytics that has the ability to analyze Google web searches for keywords related to COVID-19. It has been found that there is a robustlink between keyword hunts on the Internet search engine, like Google Trends, and COVID-19 plagues in the different U.S regions. On detailed studying the researchers saw information obtained from Google Trends to follow the outbreaks and thus, using the predictive analysis the data can be used for allocating resources with the help of testing, personal protective equipment, medications and more.

Earlier studies have proved the role of Internet surveillance in timelyextrapolation of former outbreaks, such as H1N1. The internet surveillance methods have a number of benefits compared to the older methods and the combination of both is a bonanza in terms of effective surveillance.The current study showed the words searched on Google including sore throat, coronavirus symptoms, face mask, etc. to have a moderate to strong correlation even before the first 19 COVID-19 cases were reported in different regions. As the pandemic progresses, it is natural people will search for newer and different information. Thus, the possibilities of search terms evolving are very high.

The data science team is trying to predict outbreak using the web search surveillance data as an attempt to find the new hot spots in a pandemic. Such a task is considered important as the delay in collecting any sort of information could lead to loss in opportunities to improve watchfulness for an outbreak in a certain location.The new method is lot more efficient and faster compared to the traditional mass testing and public health reporting which may cause a lag in predicting the incidence of infectious disease.It is paramount to have rapid and accurate testing to make correct public health decisions and in finding future hot spots. The new interactive COVID-19 tracking tool can provide insights on assessing the risks and plan accordingly.

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