13-Oct-2020 | Market Research Store

People dealing with chronic pain and depression are generally advised by the medical professionals to take up mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) course as it was found to improve patient’s perceptions of pain, mood, and functional capacity. The latest study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association shows the researchers striving toward finding a solution to people cope with pain. In majority of the medical conditions, chronic pain is a common symptom and there are almost 100 Million people in the U.S. suffering from pain on a daily basis. Moreover, in the semi-rural, underdeveloped, and developing are majorly dealing with issues such as addiction, no access to proper care, and affordability.

Intense study provided the researchers with enough details that mindfulness meditation and mindful hatha yoga for a few weeks could help patients bear pain. As there is a huge difference between curing and healing, chronic pain can be healed with time that is learned to be lived with. It is here that meditation and yoga comes into play. These both forms of practice helped body to deal with pain, depression, and disability. The study also shows chronic pain and depression to go hand-in-hand. Practicing of meditation and yoga thus helps restore mental and physical health of a patient when combined or even alone.

Thus, the study has proved that MBSR could be given as an adjunctive treatment to treat chronic pain and at the same time lower depression. Currently, majority of the people want alternatives for pharmaceutical treatments such as yoga, meditation, and other non-pharmaceutical treatments. In the coming years, it is evident that meditation and yoga will take up the role of medication for people seeking relief from pain.

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