Mental Health of Children Affected Due to Insufficient Sleep

Mental Health of Children Affected Due to Insufficient Sleep

Published: 14-Jul-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry has published a new study in which Candice Alfano, a psychology professor, has showcased the outcomes of the experimental and novel study which proves that inappropriate sleep at night or less sleep time at night leaves an effect on the children’s emotional well being.

There are less experimental studies about children regarding the connection between poor sleep and emotional health. Alfano and her team members observed 53 children of the age group 7 to 11 for more than week. An in-lab evaluation of the children was made; one when the children had an adequate sleep and second after two nights where their sleep was constrained for several hours.

Alfano gave reports that when the children had inadequate sleep changes were seen in the children’s behavior and in terms of expression of emotions. They were quite surprised that there were positive significant alterations instead of negative emotional stimuli.

In the assessment several approaches were used like the children were showed some movie clips and also several images having both negative and positive emotions related with it. Then the reactions of the children were recorded at various levels. Even though there were emotional ratings done, the researchers also gathered children’s objective facial expressions and respiratory sinus arrhythmias.

Alfano suggests that her findings help understand that inadequate sleep affect the children’s emotional as well as social lives. She expressed through her statements that positive emotions in children help them in effective coping, making friends, and also to maintain good social interactions. With the help of the results from the findings from the study proper explanations can be given as to why some children have peer-related issues.

Another crucial outcome of the study was that there was no uniformity in the results of the children. For more clear understanding, children having more than average level of pre-existing anxiety symptoms displayed more dramatic alterations when they had inadequate sleep in comparison with children having no or negligible amount of anxiety problems.

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