19-Jan-2021 | Market Research Store

Researchers have lately found a new way of creating fuels that too using microgravity. This way of creating fuel is anticipated to be a very promising method that can help save fossil fuels and also meet the increasing demands of the widely growing population. Microgravity helps refine the fuel generation process by resourcefully burning the solid fuel including iron dust. It is thus predicted that we are entering the Iron Age and are most likely to use metal power to create fuels for cars. Generally, the solid fuels are used to burn a matchstick, sparkler lighting, and also in the Ariane and other rocket boosters.

Studies have shown metals like iron to burn into a powder form without the release of carbon or smoke. Thus, the clean energy including solar cells or wind turbines could be used to help produce fuel from the metals. On detailed studying the researchers found the electricity to be stored in the metal powder as chemical energy at various energy densities in order to emulate fossil fuels. This is a new invention to lower greenhouse gas emission but the development of a combustion system with efficient metal fuel burning capacity asks for a higher understanding of combustion physics.

The researchers are now trying to understand the physics of iron powder using sounding rockets and parabolic flights that too in weightlessness for validating the existing models and also in yielding promising outcomes. The importance of composition of gases and iron particle densities in the combustion chambers and the microgravity in flame propagation to standardize the entire process in the industrial burner is experimented to keep trace of the emission rate. Thus, space experiments can help gain more knowledge over the increasing incidences of contagious microbes and forest fires. The TU Eindhoven team is working with industrial partners to create a metal combustion facility at Swinkels Family Brewers.

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