Modern Foods: Breadfruit Flour Is Ready To Compete Wheat Flour

Modern Foods: Breadfruit Flour Is Ready To Compete Wheat Flour

Published: 29-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Since decades people across the globe used breadfruit in various delicacies owing to its highly nutritious nature. Recently, a group of researchers from British Columbia decided to study the fruit in detail in order to gain more knowledge over its nutritional content. Breadfruit is generally grown in abundance in tropical and South Pacific countries and it has thus turned into a staple food item for the people living there. The fruit is eaten when ripe or dried & grounded into flour for further use in various meals. This gluten-free flour is the best food product the health conscious individuals could have asked for. The impact of breadfruit on the health and digestion of an individual is the major focus.

It is the first time the breadfruit is being so keenly scrutinized so as to encourage its development as a sustainable, environmentally-friendly and high-production crop. The breadfruit has such low glycemic index that it is almost similar to common staples such as wheat, cassava, yam and potatoes. The breadfruit was found by the researchers to be digested faster compared to wheat protein, thereby making its suitable healthy food option. It was also found that people on breadfruit diet consumed more water compared to the wheat consumers.

The breadfruit diet was thus not found have any toxic impact. It is believed that in the near future the clear understanding over the health benefits of breadfruit is definitely going to transform it into a basic staple food in the future. The nutrient content and sustainability of the fruit is currently its consumption rate. Furthermore, the fiber, vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium, protein, and phosphorus content of it will turn into a widely accepted food. The new finding thus supports the use of this healthy, nutritionally balanced, gluten-free, low glycemic index, and protein rich bread fruit flour as the perfect option for modern foods.

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