12-Jan-2021 | Market Research Store

One of the cleanest traditional fossil fuel sources is natural gas as it is known to produce minimalistic amounts of pollutants such as carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is currently one of the major contributors of climate change and a potent greenhouse gas. However, recently researchers from the University of Illinois Chicagohave found the pollutants and greenhouse gases released by burning natural gas to be lowered using advanced catalysts that can reduce temperature at which methane present in the natural gas starts burning.It is clear that burning methane using less energy and at low temperature could help reduce the release of pollutants. It is an environmental win if we are able to bring down the combustion temperature.

According to Shahbazian-Yassar and colleagues, the development of a cutting edge catalyst with 10 different elements is considered to be profitable as each element has the ability to reduce the combustion temperature of methane and oxygen. It has been found that the rare catalyst can bring down the combustion temperature to almost half that is to 600 – 700 degrees Kelvin from above 1400 degrees Kelvin. Previously, the team had created multi-element nanoparticle catalysts — which are high entropy alloys — using the shock-wave technique.The attempts before this were rendered useless as the attempts of joining three elements were rendered useless. However, the real-time, high-temperature electron microscopy equipmentof the UIC showed the high entropy nanoparticles comprised of 10 metal oxidesto be stable at a temperature of 1,073 degrees Kelvin and also the distribution of each element was even such they formed a solitary, solid-state stable crystalline arrangement.

The metal oxide alloy comprised of different rare-earth elements, transition elements, and noble metals plus oxygen. The most tedious task is to perfectly mix these elements when in the solid phase owing to their different oxidation potential, crystal structure, atomic radius, and electronic properties. It has been found that among all the alloys created the one with 10 elements was the most effective in reducing the combustion point of methane gas while maintain the elements stability at such temperatures. This new study could thus help lower the toxic greenhouse gas formation when burning natural gases in every household, powering turbines, or even in the cars.

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