Nature-Inspired Technology Provides A New Breakthrough For Mobile Phones

Nature-Inspired Technology Provides A New Breakthrough For Mobile Phones

Published: 25-Nov-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Recently, a team from Polytechnique Montréal has developed a unbreakable bouncing phone using additive that absorbs up to 96% of impact energy. The latest finding published in Cell Reports Physical Sciencejournal provides details about an innovation that helps make unbreakable plastic coverings. According to Professors Frédérick Gosselin & Daniel Therriault and Shibo Zou, the plastic webbing integrated into a glass pane is projected to help avoid the breaking on impact. Even though the plastic web looks simple the reflection reveals the actual complexity of it. The researchers took inspiration from spider websowing to its powerful properties. The most amazing property is the capacity to deform using sacrificial links at the molecular level which the researchers are currently exploring.

The researchers used polycarbonate that when heated turns into viscous liquid like honey. Thus, the researchers used 3D printer to connect a series of fibers less than 2 mm thickness and the repetition of this process by perpendicularly printing the series of fibers that too at a faster a rate before the web solidifies is being tested. The magic is that the final product shows the powerful properties acquired. The 3D printer helps create circles from molten plastic that ultimately develop a series of loops.

On hardening these loops convert into sacrificial links that provide the fiber much needed strength. In case of any impact, these links absorb energy and break to maintain the structure of the fiber. The fibers when intertwined behave exactly like a web. Thus, the researchers are now testing the use of such a web inside a protective screen. Additionally, the integration of series of webs in the transparent resin plates showed the plastic wafers to absorb of 96% impact energy without any breakage and instead just deform rather than cracking. This nature-inspired innovation could possibly help develop bullet-proof glass, protective coating for aircrafts, durable plastic for smartphone screens, etc.

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