Navy Officials Develop Long Range Temperature Scanning System & Software

Navy Officials Develop Long Range Temperature Scanning System & Software

Published: 29-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

A team of Indiana researchers has developed a new temperature scanning sensor device and software to help lower the increasing spread of the coronavirus. Recently, the sensor agnostic thermal imaging system of the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center has been found to be licensed to Greene County General Hospital to help easily detect the feverish health staff and other people entering the hospital. However, the latest technologies ability to detect temperature changes in a crowd that too from a long distance makes it a flexible solution that the medical professionals have long been waiting for. The major goal is to encourage more social distancing without causing any interruptions in the normal operations. It is believed that there will be fewer requirements in screening staff individually after exposure.

The development is the result of more than 200,000 deaths in the U.S. from the coronavirus along with 1 Million worldwide. Furthermore, the resurgence of COVID-19 is creating panic among the public health experts as the weather cools and schools and universities reopen. As increasing temperature is one of the important signs of COVID-19 infection, the hospital found Crane's thermal imaging technology to the eternal source in detecting fever. The software can adapt to any laptop using USB and there are other features such as card, a calibrated black body, a commercial infrared sensor, and a temperature reference tool that helps accurately measure the body temperature. The pioneers Aaron Cole and Marcin Malec created this software-enabled system with the goal of detecting fever in every 0.016 seconds in individuals as well as moving crowd.

The Navy's temp-scanning invention was handed over to the hospital through a royalty-free license agreement and a cooperative research and development agreement along with the help TechLink and Radius Indiana. This technical knowledge, sensor, and software embedded technology is no doubt a prodigious solution for the public.

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