15-Jul-2015 | Market Research Store

Recently the food manufacturer of Nestle also stops their product distribution in India because the food safety team announces the news regarding the nestle products; the team says the magi product includes a huge amount of lead as well as metal so it will cause dangerous health hazards. 

For this, the maggi manufacturers are facing lot of problems, and they also tries to overcome all the issues regarding their products. The team also declared the Maggi noodles is always unsafe to eat so the team suggests people to do not use the magi products.  Due to this reason there are more than five states also banned the nestle product. The magi noodles also popular among the kids as well as the Scholl going students and it is one of the favorite food for the children, the  noodles cook  within  three minutes,  so most of the people demanded this product  for this reason the Nestle sells  around  $250 million dollars worth products across the world, it is the yearly status. A few days ago, the Nestle has rejected in the food taste, but the manufacturers say their product is hundred percentages safe. The company also appealed the ban in the court regarding their product result.

The maggi noodles are one of the popular products now lot of problems arising against the food safety team publishes the shocking news about maggi. The team says Maggi noodle quality is also low and they also mentioned the food contamination, it will be occurred lack of the cleanliness in Maggi food preparation. Consequently, the expert team stops the magi product, and they say the magi noodles have highled components; it will lead many problems to the people. Amit Khurana is the head of the food safety team, he says people are regularly using different food products, but they did not watch the products closely, for this they suffer a lot.

He also suggests improving the product's qualities, and he strongly suggested strengthening the packing rules of the products. He says the consumers need to know the effects food products by reading the food labels. India's food safety agency now takes the priority actions to overcome all the issues about the food, and they regularly check the quality of food. Mr. Paul Bulcke is the Chief Executive of Nestle, he says he always tries to reduce the issues and he is working to correct the problems about their products.