02-Nov-2015 | Market Research Store

It’s advanced mobile technology for small telecom industries to reduce network congestion, said by India research rating reports. Spectrum sharing is easiest way to provide best services.

Operators, however, would wish to strike a balance between the prices of sharing (0.5 p.c increases in spectrum usage charges) and also the advantages derived from spectrum sharing, it added.

Companies can share airwaves in the same band so it eases call drops, permitted by government. But didn’t allowed lease of spectrum.

Spectrum sharing is advanced technologies for small players so it’s help to improve telecommunication services and also reduce call drops. Economical status rise by sharing spectrum of telecom sectors. Spectrum leasing is not efficient than spectrum sharing, therefore it’s not allowed.

A user has to pay one-time spectrum charges to liberalize his administratively allotted spectrum block, it added. Ind-Ra expects most action within the 800MHz and 1800MHz bands as they need the potential to produce 4G services over 5MHz contiguous blocks
Broadband base in India is growing and there is increasing demand for spectrum to support growing data volumes over wireless mobile network.

India has more than 85 % of its broadband subscriber base on wireless network.
"This is unique to India with global average being below 50 percent and therefore demands higher spectrum," said by Ind-Ra.