New Anti-Cancer Drug Could Help Inhibit Rapid Proliferation Of Cancer Cells

New Anti-Cancer Drug Could Help Inhibit Rapid Proliferation Of Cancer Cells

Published: 25-Nov-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

The Moscow scientists have discovered and very well explained the mechanism of the latest anti-cancer molecule named diphenylisoxazole. This new drug is found to help combat human cancer cells. Thus, the new study published in the journal Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Lettershas made the possibilities of developing an affordable cancer drug highly possible. The cells in our body have microtubules and filaments that form a cytoskeleton, thereby giving cells a rigid shape. The microtubules are made of tubulin and they are used to divide by both tumor and healthy cells. Hence, the target for majority of the antimitotics or anti-cancer drugs in order to stop tumorous growth is by inhibiting tubulin polymerization. The need for drugs is urgent as the proliferation of cancer cells makes the diseases lethal.

The four binding sites in tubulin molecule include the taxane/epothilone,colchicine, laulimalide, and vinca alkaloid binding sites. There are many substances containing atrimethoxyphenyl ring that bind to these sites.Furthermore, with the help of computer simulations the researchers found even the compounds without a trimethoxyphenyl ring to bind tubulin. Thus, they were able to prove the effectiveness of diphenylisoxazole. The new drug is synthesized using aryl nitromethanes,acetophenones, and benzaldehydes.

The simulation also showed binding of the molecule of a substance without trimethoxyphenyl ring to tubulin at the colchicine site. This first-ever study of a molecule without trimethoxyphenyl substituent in their structure shows there areunknown structural class of compounds with antimitotic properties that can help develop new anti-cancer drugs. The computer simulation is found to help reduce the costing and time wastage in developing new drugs. The computer predicted structures are lately the pioneers behind the synthesis of new drugs or other substances.

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