01-Dec-2020 | Market Research Store

A team from University of Adelaide has developed a fast and simple technique of authenticating wine. The new technique can help the billions of dollars of fraud taking place in the wine industry across the globe. Furthermore, there are possibilities that new regional branding could also gradually develop in the long run. The researchers were able to find the origin of wine to be Australia and France with the help of molecular fingerprinting that uses fluorescence spectroscopy to analyze the molecules. As the wine fraud is found to be increasing, there is an urgent need for developing a solution that can save hundred million dollars of various wine producing countries. According to researcher Ruchira Ranaweera from the University's Waite Research Institute, wine authentication is necessary to avoid false wine labeling in terms of origin, vintage, and variety.

The new robust method could help easily identify and authenticate the adulterated wines. The new study has been reported in the journal Food Chemistry with the support ofthe Waite Research Institute,Wine Australia and the Australian Government, and the ARC Training Center for Innovative Wine Production. The comparison between traditional 'inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry' (ICP-MS) and the new method showed the latest development to be only cost-effective but also rapid. The fingerprinting of the samples based on the fluorophoric or light-emitting compounds and themachine learning algorithm based data analysis helped provide valid data.

The wine testing using a combination of fluorescence spectroscopy and machine learning-driven data analysis is a new and quite promising development in terms of authentication. The wine industry is already using smoke taint detectionand phenolic and wine color analysis for identifying chemical markers that help distinguish wine regions. The use of chemical information can help with regional branding and also in gaining better knowledge about wine characteristics.

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