New Biodegradable Stent Makes Breathing All The More Easy

New Biodegradable Stent Makes Breathing All The More Easy

Published: 19-Jan-2021 | Published By: Market Research Store

In children, the narrowing of the airway that is Pediatric laryngotracheal stenosis (LTS) is currently found to be increasing. And this serious medical condition is found to be going unnoticed by majority of the parents. According to the medical staff, it can be either innate or caused due to some sort of injury. The major risk is that it can be life threatening in some cases if not treated well. The doctors use tracheostomy, surgical repair, endoscopic techniques, or deployment of stents to open the airway for making breathing possible. The stents are mostly preferred as it helps open the airway and also to allow trachea to continuously grow. Additionally, the stents can easily move about but also cause damage when removed.

The team from the University of Pittsburgh is currently working on improving the use of stents by making it biodegradable using magnesium-alloy in order to avoid some of the major risks. Earlier, commercial non-biodegradable metal or silicone-based tracheal stents were used but they were found to be causing complex complications and the clinical results obtained in adults were also not optimal. Thus, the need for a hi-end biomaterial with less invasiveness and more success for treatments is the most preferred.

The new balloon-expandable ultra-high ductility biodegradable magnesium stent was found to be better in terms of performance when compared to the traditionally used metallic non-biodegradable stents. It was found that the new stents had low degradation rate and helped keep the airways open for longer, which resulted in normal healing without any adverse reactions. The new approach is found to lead to a new treatment for pediatric patients dealing with this complex condition or any other tracheal obstruction-related diseases such as tracheal cancer. The latest biodegradable, high ductility metal stent is believed to be a potentially potent device that could save a lot of pediatric lives in the near future.

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