New Fisheye Lenses Will Now Make Panoramic Image Capturing Easier

New Fisheye Lenses Will Now Make Panoramic Image Capturing Easier

Published: 28-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Photographers have been using fisheye lenses to obtain panoramic views in a single click. The fisheye lenses are ultra-wide-angle lenses created from numerous pieces of curved glass that help alter incoming light to create wide-ranging, bubble-like images. However, the fisheye lenses are bulky and costly owing to its spherical and multipiece design. The engineers from MIT and the University of Massachusetts have developed lenses that are only wide-angled but also flat. These flat fisheye lens help obtain clear, 180-degree panoramic images. The design is based on metalens patterns that precisely manipulates light in a specific pattern.

The new lens comprise of a flat, millimeter-thin piece of glass having tiny structures on one side that specifically scatter entering light to develop panoramic images just like the normal curved, multielement fisheye lens would. Infrared spectrum is where the lens may work but the researchers plan to modify it to click images using visible light. The new design is anticipated to have wide range applications in laptops, smartphones, and other electronics as well. The new design could also be used in imaging devices like virtual reality glasses, wearable electronics, endoscopes, and other computer visualizing gadgets. The fisheye images were a huge surprise as metalens design was thought to be next to impossible.

Even though the fisheye lenses are in the experimental stage it is still believed to have a significant potential to reshape the field of optics. For obtaining high-resolution and reasonably wide-angle images of above 60 Degrees, the researchers used calcium fluoride metalens having a thin film of lead telluride coated on one side. With the help of lithographic techniques, optical structures were carved into the film as well. The designing of back side structure is such that a perfect focus is produced and an optical aperture is placed on the front side. This entire assembly helps achieve high-quality imaging across the entire panoramic view.

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