New Food Safety Testing Method Will Help Reduce Seafood Spoilage

New Food Safety Testing Method Will Help Reduce Seafood Spoilage

Published: 25-Nov-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Recently, a team of researchers from Flinders University led by Professor Jian Qin and his coworker Professor Youhong Tang have developed a device that is not only simple but also commercially practical product. Furthermore, this device is projected to ensure instantaneouschecking of spoilage in seafood with the goal of maintaining food safety for consumers.The researchers believe that this new device is a cost saver and consumer safety measuring product for the seafood industry or the retailers thriving in the industry. As there is almost 10% spoilage at the time of seafood production, the new device can help reduce it and instead boom the sales.Most interesting fact is that the new spoilage analysis technology works toward examining biogenic amines that are important for maintaining the physiological activity in living cells. However, the high levels of the biogenic amines in seafood are found to have a severe impact on the human health by causing food poisoning.

For evaluating the freshness and edibility of food, the biogenic amines behave as an important indicator. In the new technology, the filter papers coated with an AIEgen, including dihydroquinoxaline derivative (H + DQ2), can help monitor the seafood through this simple and cost-effective approach. The researchers found that the spoilt of the fishes is basically due to the increase in amine levels and these vapors are well read by the filter papers. According toYouhong Tangfrom Institute of NanoScale Science and Technology and Medical Device Research Institute of Flinders University, it is quite fascinating to see how the latest technology measures amine vapor from the fish to deliver the vital data for easy-to-use and on-site method to understand the quality of seafood for customer’s knowledge.

The researchers are currently testing the new device for optimization of the test strips and the AIEgen loading, to provide a highly robust answer for daily practice toward commercial applications. They are also trying to add thesmartphone appsfeature to the AIEgen loaded paper strips to help transfer vital information for quantitative validation.

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