New Haptic Technology Could Help You Feel Your Peers Through A Video Call

New Haptic Technology Could Help You Feel Your Peers Through A Video Call

Published: 16-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

There is a new mesmerizing technology developed for all the people missing their loved ones. Imagine touching your peer or family members over a video call during this very traumatic time of social distancing, it is unbelievable right. But, it is true. Modernization has helped develop a new haptic tool that recreates the exact same sense of touch like in reality. This haptic technology helps mimic the human touch by just stimulating the small area of the skin just like in the real world through vibration, force, or motion. The sense of touch is a task that has been taken for granted lately and hence, this is the reason the researchers from the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering focused on studying haptics without which the holding of mobile phones, typing, etc. would not have been possible.

As the human hand is bestowed with high density of concrete receptors it is both interesting and perplexing to encrypt information through haptic stimulation as our daily activities are carried out with the help of our hands. The sense of touch is important but impossible in many of the situations such as in a telehealth consultation. Thus, the team believes that the new haptic technology is a breakthrough in the field of wearable technology. To ease up the use of this technology, they build a fingertip wearable haptic glove using a three-way directional skin stretch device (SSD). This stretchable technology mimics touch and also enables new forms of haptic communication to improve daily activities.

Furthermore, it can also be integrated into textiles for further application in telehealth, teleoperation, medical devices, augmented & virtual reality, surgical robots & training, and industrial settings. The new technology will help overcome the shortage of assistive devices, self-driving cars, remote surgery, and the regulation of human movements in the emerging systems where the cognitive load is high due to slow visual or auditory feedback.

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