22-Mar-2021 | Market Research Store

Certain times a chain reaction caused by locally restricted damage leads to inevitable consequence in which there occurs a catastrophic collapse of materials and structures. For example, a crack in the solid ceramic or even damage to a single bar leads to falling of metal space trusses. According to researchers from the University of California, Irvine and the Georgia Institute of Technology, the researchers have discovered a new class of mechanical metamaterials that possess the property of delocalizing the deformations in order to prevent failure. The latest study published in Advanced Materials explains the role of tensegrity, an old principle in which single rigid bars are connected into a flexible mesh of ropes to form self-tensioning and lightweight truss structures.

The team used advanced direct laser writing technique and 950 nanometer-diameter members to develop elementary cells sized 10 – 20 microns. These structures formed 8 unit supercells which could further form a continuous structure with others. The computational modeling and laboratory experiments to study the constructs showeddistinctively homogenous deformation behavior devoidof localized overstress or underuse. The latest metamaterial showed 25-fold improvement in deformability and high magnitude of energy absorption over the latest lattice arrangements.

The tensegrity structures are being studied since ages owing to its benefits in the architectural designing. These structures are also found in a number of biological systems. The appropriate lattice arrangements were conceptualized by Georgia Tech researcher Julian Rimoli a few years back but it is the latest study that projected the first physical application and performance demonstration of these metamaterials. The researchers found that tensegrity-based vehicles could bear endure severe deformation and thus, the researchers developed 3D tensegrity metamaterial for the first time. Currently, new additive manufacturing techniques are being used to develop numerous lightweight structures or advanced materials for various applications.