New Smart Window Blocks Noises And Reduces Energy Consumption In Buildings

New Smart Window Blocks Noises And Reduces Energy Consumption In Buildings

Published: 04-Dec-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Scientists from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have lately created a liquid window panel that can instantaneously block the sun so ascontrol solar transmission and at the same time release thermal heat during the day and night for lowering the energy consumption by buildings. The NTU scientists’ smart window has been made by adding hydrogel-based liquid in the glass panels. This new window is found to have the ability to reduce heating, air-conditioning energy consumption, and ventilation by 45%in the buildings. In comparison to the conventional glass windows, the new liquid window panelis 30% more energy-efficient and cheaper.

The new energy-saving smart window that is made using liquid basically helps develop high-end technologically options for sustainable future. The latest design relies on the concept of heat transfer through the glass as the windows play an important role in the cooling and heating of buildings. The energy consumption of the buildings could be reduced to a great extent through the use of the new windows. Moreover, the use of expensive coatings on the traditional energy-saving low-emissivity windows lowers the infrared light passage in and out of the buildings, thus reducing heating and cooling. But, the control over visible light passage that helps heat up the building is impossible.

The use of water is preferred by the researchers as it absorbs heat through a process known as high specific heat capacity. The mixture of micro-hydrogel, water, and a stabilizer is found to help reduce energy consumption during different climates owing to its ability to respond to temperatures.The hydrogel turns opaque on exposure to heat, thereby blocking sunlight and returning to its original clear state. Furthermore, the window can be molded into any shape and size because of hydrogel and water. The smart window possesses the ability to block noises and shift the electricity load as well. The team is now trying to collaborate with companies in order to commercialize their new smart liquid window.

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