Newly Designed Resins Could Make Light-Based 3D Printing Possible

Newly Designed Resins Could Make Light-Based 3D Printing Possible

Published: 01-Dec-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have activated the cross-linking of 3D printed polymer networks with the goal of developing novel functional resins for light-based 3D printing methods such as volumetric additive manufacturing (VAM)and two-photon lithography (TPL).With the help of molecular dynamics simulations, the microscopic, kinetics, and topology of the 3 different molecules using acrylate with same reactive group but different nonreactive group is possible. The researchers found the nonreactive parts in the molecules to be the reason behind the changes in the structure and dynamics in the cross-linked polymers.

Furthermore, the in-depth study helped researchers to rationally design photoresists for developing customized photosensitive resins that can pushed up to their limits.The 3D objects can be generated by diverting patterned light into liquid resins such that the hardening occurs at the needed points within seconds. Additionally, the resins used in these processes contain molecules with same reactive functional groups. The molecular dynamics simulations and mathematical graph theory help understand the chemistry and physics of molecules that behave as building blocks in TPL and VAM processes.

The simulations help study each and every atom and help develop new components and also in bridging the gap between themacroscopic behavior and microscopic network topology. In simple terms, in-depth insights about intramolecular loops or cycles and the desired point at which the liquid resingels turns into the solid printed part has all been well-researched. The exploration of printed parts and modeling other types of polymerization of interest to LLNL using simulating mechanical techniques still needs evidence to back its theory.

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