Next Generation Information Technology Can Profit From New Perovskite Family

Next Generation Information Technology Can Profit From New Perovskite Family

Published: 24-Nov-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Researchers from Linköping University have developed a perovskite family of materials that have an optoelectronic magnetic double perovskite. This new finding helps develop couple spintronics using optoelectronics in order to obtainquick and energy-saving information storage. The new family of perovskites has a few interesting properties such as cost-effectiveness in terms of production, advanced light-emitting properties, and customization as per applications. Until now, the researchers have been developing alternates for solar cells, rapid optical communication, and light-emitting diodes. Furthermore, the perovskites comprise of different organic & inorganic compounds and they are also defined based on their unique cubic crystal structure.

Recently, the researchers have found a perovskite that has halogens and lead to give it the magnetic properties that are necessary to increase its use in spintronics.Moreover, the spintronics is an area in which data about the rotation of a particle are stored rather than just its charge. Thus, the new family is a new development for the next generation of information technology as the data can be transferred at high speeds with less utilization of energy. The use ofthe magnetic properties of halide perovskitesonly with lead-containing perovskites has restricted its use in both health and environmental sectors.Thus, the development a new non-hazardous perovskite alloy which produces a magnetic double perovskite is a huge breakthrough.

The Science Advances shows the new finding wherein the magnetic iron ions, Fe3+, are incorporated into doubleperovskite haveunique optoelectronic properties and cesium silver bismuth bromide(Cs2AgBiBr6). The material also shows magnetic response below 30K. As the study is in the experimental stage that origin of magnetic response has not yet been understood and whether it is due to a poor ferromagnetic/anti-ferromagnetic response has to be confirmed. This new material provides new possibilities for use in future products that require cheap and quick transfer of information.

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