20-Oct-2021 | Market Research Store

Oppo is engaged in fabricating its new flagship smartphone under the Reno series. The upcoming smartphone is likely to be exclusively featured with a multi-directional camera. The Chinese leading smartphone manufacturer has recently filed a patent for a device equipped witha unique camera system.

As per the report released by Lets Go Digital, last month, Oppo patented its multi-directional camera systemafter getting approval from the World Intellectual Property Office. The document submitted while applying for patent demonstrates that a smartphone would use a multi-directional camera to capture the sideview ofthe device as well. Based on the blueprint of the patented system, the smartphone would characterize an additional camera installed at the edge of the smartphone along with the front and back cameras. The primary sensor embedded in the back camera can work with the side camera too.

To click the pictures from the side camera of the device using the primary sensor, Oppo has tokeep vacant a portion of thedevice from one side, so thatthe primary lens canchange its focus to the side by capturing the images usinga pre-installed mirror. To conclude, the sensor can neither move nor does the smartphone need an additional sensor,which is in linewith the side. This type of camera system can efficiently capture the objects that leave the frame to the side camera.

Currently, there is no official statement released by Oppo to introduce such a multi-facet camera system in itsupcoming smartphones and other electronic gadgets. Furthermore, the device with a multi-directional camera system should be a premium model, which could be the smartphone of its exorbitant Reno series.

Such an advanced and cost-effective camera system could be employed in the advanced surveillance systems, which can capture more areas without the need of installing multiple CCTVs.

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