Organic Sunscreen Lets No Blue Light Penetrate Through It

Organic Sunscreen Lets No Blue Light Penetrate Through It

Published: 28-Oct-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

As the UV rays are harmful for the skin, there are thousands of skincare products being manufactured to protect the skin from such unsafe radiations. The current additions to the list of aggressors that damage the skin include Blue light. It was earlier considered that the Blue light is usually emitted only by the Sun but now it has been found that the screens of a number of digital devices also emit such rays. Majorly, the devices emitting the light include TV, laptops, phones, fluorescent light bulbs, and more. However, avoiding the inclusion of such devices in our lives is next to impossible and thus, exposing us to blue light on a daily basis.

Enticingly, recently it has been found that the blue light can penetrate faster into the skin and lead to skin pigmentation, faster ageing, and other skin conditions. The exposure to this light for a longer time could cause other changes such as inflammation, color changes, and weakening of the derma. This is why Organic Harvest has come up with aspecial range of sunscreen to fight blue light using the blue light technology.According to the company’s CEO Rahul Agarwal, the concept of blue light and its effect is completely new. In addition to the conventional suggestions of reducing screen timings, using screen guards, or diming the screen light, the new blue light technology is an organic sunscreen named Aloe Vera and Kaolin Clay and SPF-based protectors.

With the in-out formula, the latest sunscreen fights against UV rays and electronic device released blue light rays. The SPF 30, 50, and 60 are sunscreen types preferred for the normal skin to regulate hyperpigmentation. Furthermore, the ingredients including Aloe Vera and Kaolin claypresent in the organic sunscreen helps protect the skin by forming a layer and removing dirt, germs, grime, and pollution in the pores. It is believed that just like the SPF sunscreens the anti-blue light sunscreen will also revolutionize the cosmetic industry in this digitalized world.

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