Oxiteno To Increase Output Threefold In Its Alkoxylates Factory In Pasadena

Oxiteno To Increase Output Threefold In Its Alkoxylates Factory In Pasadena

Published: 21-Feb-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Oxiteno is planning operational enhancements and volume tripling at its Pasadena, Texas alcoxylates plant by 2022. The aim is to manufacture about 50 different products that are different from running a retail factory, so the business is gradually increasing the product sophistication there.

The business encountered some technical issues which were common in the first quarter of operations but it was on an upward trajectory in terms of reliability and customer service.

This update from one of leading manufacturers further aids and represents the growing demand for alkoxylates. As reported by Market Rsearch Store in their recent industry rsearch report, the worldwide demand for alkoxylates would reach valuation in terms of billions of USD by 2026. Consequqntly, players are planning to increase output to meet expected demand boost.

When the U.S. project containing two reactors began in late 2018, the pre-marketing inventories of surfactants produced in Brazil and Mexico had been large.

Oxiteno, though, has worked those inventories down and is now selling products manufactured in the US.

Oxiteno is targeting production of surfactants from the plant from 120,000 tons to 125,000 tons by 2022, up substantially from the planned output of about 40,000 tons in 2019. The nomenclature capacity of the plant is 170,000 tonnes / year.