Patients with HIV do not have Worse Covid-19 Outlook

Patients with HIV do not have Worse Covid-19 Outlook

Published: 09-Jul-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

There are a lot new researches being conducted around COVID-19 owing to the fact that everything is new about coronavirus and researches want to know it all. The new research conducted by the researchers suggest that people  suffering from HIV and who were admitted to the hospital due to COVID-19 did not show up worse results than the COVID-19 patients having no HIV.

The author of the study Dr. Keith Sigel, Mount Sinai COVID Informatics Center’s member, commented that all way through the pandemic they were with the suspicion that immunocompromised patients like HIV patients may be at a higher risk of the coronavirus infection and may show up with severe outcomes. But there has been a lack in advising and guiding these patients since there was no data available regarding how coronavirus was affecting HIV patients.

It is quite common that people who have weak immune system have more chances of developing severe infections. HIV is one of the common causes of weak immune system globally and HIV has affected over one million people in the US alone.

In order to gain more knowledge about this point, the researchers made comparisons with the patients those who were affected with and without HIV at five hospitals in the Mount Sinai Health System, NY. These patients were analyzed when the pandemic was at the peak in the city, i.e., March and April.
The researchers found that the death rates and poor results such as multiorgan failure and respiratory dysfunction were high in HIV patients but was not worse than those who did not have HIV.
HIV patients did not indicate any kind of high HIV viral levels or trivial immune suppression, based on the study printed in Clinical Infectious Diseases, June 28. Sigel commented to Mount Sinai news release that the study will help to set a foundation for the upcoming studies in order to correctly address treatment for COVID-19 patients having HIV.

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