23-Apr-2021 | Market Research Store

Using Mount Sinai computational platform, a team has recently developed a personalized cancer vaccine that follows all the safety measures. The vaccine showed positive results in patients with all types of cancer such as bladder and lung in which the recurrence chances are high. Till date immunotherapy has revolutionized cancer treatment and also reduces the clinical response faced by the patients. The research team head Thomas Marron from The Tisch Cancer Institute and Mount Sina has found the cancer vaccine comprised of tumor-specific targets to help immune system identify and attack for preventing the chances of recurrence. For maximizing the efficacy, the vaccine is integrated with adjuvant that activates the immune system.

For developing the personalized cancer vaccine, the researchers sequenced the tumor, tumor RNA, and germline DNA. The tumor-specific target sequencing also aids in understanding if the immune system of the patients can identify the targets of the vaccine. The computational platform of Mount Sinai named OpenVax encouraged the researchers to select and highlight the immunogenic targets to integrate into the vaccines. The researchers found the vaccines when given with immunostimulant or adjuvant, poly-ICLC, helps induce immune response against the tumor neoantigens.

The personalized cancer vaccines are given in the metastatic state, but earlier studies show immunotherapies to be more effective in patients with less cancer spread. The novel neoantigen vaccine is given after standard-of-care adjuvant therapy when patients are at lower risk of residual diseases. The use of algorithms can help create a safe, personalized vaccine to treat a range of tumors. This experimental treatment is currently being tested for its potential early benefits such as immune response and its efficacy compared to immunotherapy. The personalized vaccine if commercialized at reasonable price can prove to be success and will also help lower the increasing occurrences of cancer cases across the globe.