Plans to Deliver the Prescriptions Using Self-Driving Cars

Plans to Deliver the Prescriptions Using Self-Driving Cars

Published: 02-Jun-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Cases of COVID-19 are increasing rapidly around the world. Different countries are implementing different types of protocols to control the spread of the pandemic. There are several regions that have somewhat managed the spread of the pandemic and have somewhat loosened their protocols. There are regions that are facing problems in delivering medical protective gears, prescriptions, test results to the hospitals owing to long distance and increased chances of infection.

CVS have come up with a unique solution that they will use self-driving cars to deliver the prescriptions. CVS will be partnering Nuro, the robotics company in the Silicon Valley, to implement this plan of delivering medicines and other products to the needy.

Plans are that the test will begin from next month. The CVS healthcare with the help of the robotics company Nuro will be delivering medicines and other essential products to the customers near store in Houston. 

The spokesman from the CVS commented that the prescriptions will be delivered in routine in an hour or so after the order has been received. In order to unlock the delivery item, the customers will have to first confirm their identity after the vehicle arrives.  

This is not the first time that Nuro is doing such a test it has previously partnered with Dominos to test the delivery of the pizzas and with Kroger to deliver the groceries which were located in the Houston area. 

Some of the drugstores have been expanding their delivery services to their customer’s home. The list includes Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., Woonsocket, and CVS Health Corp. located in Rhode Island.

Some of the hospitals in the North California have been already in tests for delivering the medical samples and supplies with the help of drones. As the unmanned vehicles have restrictions in travelling to locations which is far apart thus drones will prove helpful in these cases.

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