Prediabetes Have A New Non-Invasive Paper Patch For Faster Diagnosis

Prediabetes Have A New Non-Invasive Paper Patch For Faster Diagnosis

Published: 21-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Engineers are now developing wearable patches to help heal wounds or test the physical well-being at home and also at a quicker pace. Currently, the demand for this technology is raging owing to the escalating need for a less invasive and rapid outcome providing source. Some of the patches include nicotine patches, transdermal medicinal patches, birth control patches, and more. Recently, researchers from The University of Tokyo have developed a patch of needles that is attached to a paper sensor that might help diagnose conditions such as prediabetes. Interestingly, this patch does not increase the pain and uneasiness of a single hypodermic needle. All these microneedles are non-invasive and biodegradable.

Researchers have been looking for microneedles less than 1mm in length for personalized monitoring purpose. The size of the microneedles reduces their contact with any neurons and thereby causes no pain. Moreover, the blood is no longer extracted and the fluid in the skin that consists of many biomarkers is used. Till date, the researchers have been unable to find a perfect microneedle to analyze the fluid. However, the idea of connecting porous microneedles with paper-based sensors helps overcome the problem and provide a cost-effective, disposable, and no additional instrument dependent technology.

The researchers attached the glucose sensor paper to the base of the paper attached with an array of needles. This newly developed patch helps make better diagnosis of blood glucose levels. The new biodegradable medical technology showed high biocompatibility when placed on the skin. In case of prediabetes, the application of this patch is the most preferred. Furthermore, there is an option of changing the paper-based sensor depending on the biomarker wished to be monitored.

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