23-Nov-2020 | Market Research Store

The global tech company recognized for serving shipping-related equipment and services, Pitney Bowes, has accepted that its systems were accessed during a cyberattack. The company publically stated that a widely known ransomware breached its system and encrypted all the information stored in it.The company has no clue regarding the culprit and the kind of ransomwareused for encryption in this cyberattack. However, it has been trying to resolve the issue with the support of a third-party consultant.Pitney Bowes, using its technology,offers postal services to retailers,managingover 1.5 Million customersat a global level, comprising the Fortune 500. The company assists retailers inarranging shipping goods and items in an easier and more efficient way. Sellers in Shopify- and Etsy-like marketplaces are using the company’s services.

Pitney Bowes has become a most-recent high-profile company affected by such cyberattacks. A few months back, a similar malware breached the security levels and hit the systems of some renowned companies, which include Eurofins, Norsk Hydro, and Arizona Beverages.The FBI had released a warning notethat superior businesses are on the target of “high impact” ransomware cyberattacks.

On a related note, a few months back, personal and confidential information of nearly every individual residing in Ecuador—a country in South America—was exposed due to a massive data breach.The exposed sensitive information includes names, contact numbers, birth dates, driving records, national identification numbers, and bank balances, among others.The breach exposed data of nearly 20 million people. ZDNet reported the breach debunked theinformation of 6.7 million minors, along with the country's president Lenín Morenoand WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.The data breach activity was spottedon a Miami-based server, Elasticsearch, acquired by Novaestrat. According to a security company, vpnMentor, the data was exposed most probably fromdifferent sources comprising an Ecuadorian national bank, nation’s government registries, and an automotive association.

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