14-Sep-2021 | Market Research Store

The research team at the Washington University School of Medicine recently underlines their creative efforts for finding a wide range of antibodies against specific mosquito-borne viruses that are known to cause arthritis and brain infections. These findings are expected to find a huge variety inuniversal therapeutics and vaccines for the viruses. The team behind the research has identified two antibodies that have been proven to protect animals from diseases that are caused by alphaviruses. The team quotes that every phase of these alphavirus has been tested asthey form astrong base for these forms of treatments or serve as a modular form of template for a universal vaccine shot.

The team took the case study of the chikungunya virus that caused debilitating arthritis and associated the cases of encephalitis that were found in a larger number in the Eastern equine encephalitis virus.Alphaviruses were extremely rare and were limited to the tropical regions; however, they were found in close prevalence in a wide variety of geographic regions. While the team notes that most of these are still uncommon in nature, they still lead to millions of infections and a wider load of diseaseswith no available therapeutics or vaccines to unload them.

In order to find antibodies against the whole alphavirus group, the team screened a set of antibodies that were produced by two people who were infected by the chikungunya virus. They further tested their antibodies against a wider range of branches of a sample of people.Two sets of antibodies were recognized against the alphaviruses that were considered to be tested. Later on these viruses were assessed whether the associated antibodies could be used to prevent arthritis or brain infections in animals. In mice, the team tested each set of antibody against two sets of alphaviruses that cause arthritis and three sets of alphaviruses that can cause brain infections.

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