13-Oct-2020 | Market Research Store

Smart packaging could actually help increase the shelf life of the packed products. Furthermore, imagine having cloths that adjust when worn or plastic robots work depending on the environmental conditions. Researchers have thus thought of creating smart plastics with the ability to react as per the environment, such as humid, high or low temperature, or light. Researchers thus produced bulk plastics without making any major changes in the current industrial processing methods. The idea of making plastics smart is due to its production in bulk that too at feasible prices. The responsive static plastic could increase its application as well as development of new materials.

Generally, materials such as polyamide 6 (PA6, Nylon),polyethylene, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET)are used to produce plastics. Thus, to make these materials smart spraying them with a coating or additive mixture is enough. Additionally, the temperature and humidity elevations alter the plastic shape and state. The programming of shape change along with a unique coating, definite coating thickness, and spiral staircase-like structuring helps build a strong and responsive product that is sustainable. The new approach can help lower the pressure of plastic pollution put on our planet and its environment. The combination of a thermoplastic PET substrate and a reactive coating assisted in building a light-sensitive, reprogrammable, and shape-altering plastic. These bilayer actuators are found to be reversible and reactive even locally in the presence of ultraviolet and visible light.

Interestingly, the new plastic also shows various shapes in a single actuator. The researchers basically attached unique light sensitive azobenzene molecules along with PE side groups to the extremely high molecular weight polyethylene to create light sensitive actuators. These newly developed plastic films create unusually high voltages just like the metallic actuators under the influence of ultraviolet and visible light.

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