23-Nov-2020 | Market Research Store

There are around 100 Million micro-organisms thrivingin our gut and they are known tocontrol our metabolism, immune system, and possibly even the mental health.Recently Dr. Francine Marques, a Molecular Biologist and Geneticist, has shown interest in finding whether gut bacteria has an impact onhigh blood pressure or hypertension. The researchers are now striving to validate that the high-fiber diet does help manage the blood pressure levels in a healthy range. In the dietary fiber, the fiber that is mainly prebioticis able to stop the advancement of high blood pressure. The prebiotic fiber resists digestion till it reaches the large intestine, where it feeds those bacteria that are believed to have health benefits.

The microbial fermentation in the gut releases metabolites and small molecules known as short-chain fatty acids. Thestudythus proved that when suchshort-chain fatty acids when fed unswervinglyreduce the blood pressure and also advances the cardiovascular health.However, the effect of fiber on the blood pressure levels in the humans is yet to be tested.The researchers have already started their trial on humans to confirm the positive outcome of fiber-rich diet in decreasing blood pressure in the normal way.

On a similar note, a study showed that consumption ofsalt in large concentration can lead to gastrointestinal bloating. Anexperimentconducted by scientistfrom the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health showedthat peopleexperiencedheavy gastrointestinal bloating when their diet comprised of more salts.The researchers reinvestigatedinformation from a clinical trial named the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension-Sodium trial that was performed 2 decades ago. They discovered that high sodium intake increased chances of bloating.In comparison to the low-fiber control diet, the high-fiber diet escalated bloating.

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