Researchers Develop Gold Nanorods To Quickly Heal Skin Wounds &Cuts

Researchers Develop Gold Nanorods To Quickly Heal Skin Wounds &Cuts

Published: 23-Nov-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

The highly exposed human body organ, skin, is at the highest potential of being damaged during fates such as crashes and related unfortunate incidents. Some accidents might lead to deep cuts in the soft skin tissue and to recover those wounds, doctors and surgeons use sutures and staples in clinical practices. Meanwhile, some scientists at Arizona State University have designed asubstitutefor skin-holding staples. Researchers have informed that the new technique could be used solely or in combination with sutures or staples for the quick recovery of the skin. Researchers-developed artificial skin generates a shield around and over the wounded region, preventing the human body from infections.

The approach involves the activation of gold nanorodswith the laser, through which those rods get heat up andstart melting the nearby silk fiber gently.After melting, those silk fibers reach close to the adjacent extracellular protein, collagen, and fuse together. Then, the clinicians can terminate the exposure of laser light on the wounded region, so that the bond between skin fibers and the body’s tissues becomes stronger.So far, the researchers have attempted this approach on small skin wounds. However, the research is still in progress to develop quick healing technology for severe injuries, including significant damage to internal organs.

Considering the body’s internal characteristics to be entirely different from the external properties, the researchers are trying to create a specific combination of gold and silk that would be effective to recover internal injuries as well.On a related note, a team of scientists from the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne and other institutes in Switzerland has created a silicone-based flexible and soft sheet that would let anyone effectually sense the touch. The electrodes adhered within the silicone sheet would replicate and deliver those signals to the brain. This advanced technology could augment human-machine interfaces, virtual reality (VR), and medical rehabilitation.

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